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Maritza Cosano is a Cuban-American journalist/author/scriptwriter/publisher, and a storyteller at heart. She wrote her first story when she was seven years old and hasn’t stopped writing since then. As a child, she grew up in Madrid, Spain, then later moved to South Florida, where she has dedicated a life to honing her craft, finding satisfaction on the work that happens when you put pen to paper.

Maritza writes for publications, and enjoys searching and finding stories that engage and captivate readers. She also writes plays, short stories, novels, and plays, as well as young adult books and children’s fiction books. Her writing style is light and clear, and when she’s not working on her pieces, she’s teaching the writing craft or helping other writers polish their manuscripts, bringing them closer to making their publishing dreams come true. She graduated from the University of Miami with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, with concentrations in both English: Creative Writing and Motion Pictures: Screenwriting. View her resumé.

A Note From Maritza:

For some of my magazine writing samples, please see my portfolio. Also, please visit my website [], which showcases my work in book publishing: writing, editing, editorial design, and a list of my self-publishing services. Because I live in beautiful South Florida and love telling city stories that connect people with people, I recently founded The Review +, a digital publication that offers Florida news + reviews + interviews.

My work samples are all a testament to the beauty of words and pictures. I write because there are so many little wonderful moments that go unnoticed in life, and so many amazing stories to be told.

I have been writing since early childhood and love drawing inspiration from awkward everyday situations and anxieties to craft stories that center on young females. My young adult book series, The Ghostwriters, is about an international group of teenage girls who share a common factor: their love for storytelling. With the naked eye, they look to be different, but when you hear about their daily life struggles, ambitions and relationship issues, you realize that culture is only skin deep, and in everything else they are very much alike.
I am also the author of the children’s book series, The Adventures of Mikaela, a young reader book about a little girl with golden hair and green eyes, who loves to have fun, but trouble always finds her wherever she goes.

Writing for TV and film is another great passion of mine, as amazing stories can be told in different mediums. I have several TV and film projects, including a TV sitcom called “90 Miles is Nothing” and the forthcoming suspense thriller film entitled, “Brush of Evil,” as well as two romantic comedies entitled, “Matchless” and “Cover Band.”

I enjoy reading a good book, taking quick getaways to New York City or Key West, two of my favorite places in the world. And when I am not writing or teaching the craft of writing to students of all ages, you can find me under a palm tree at the closest beach. And that’s not a great mystery, as my name means “star of the ocean.”

Enjoy my work,

Maritza Cosano

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