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Chef Maria: Behind Lynora’s Kitchen

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Chef Maria: Behind Lynora’s Kitchen

November 3, 2017      In Articles by MC Comments Off on Chef Maria: Behind Lynora’s Kitchen

By Maritza Cosano

[As published in West Palm Beach Magazine’s Digital Edition]

Chef Maria directs the kitchen at Lynora’s on Clematis Street, a family-run restaurant sitting on a historical site in West Palm Beach. The Abbenante Family has created their own history with Lynora’s, taking tremendous pride in the food they serve.

There are so many celebrity chefs that we could envision cooking for us in their kitchens, giving us the gift of deliciousness in every morsel we tried. Think Bartolomeo Scappi and Marie-Antoine Carême. But, really, we don’t need to go back in time to search for a star chef that would honestly say, “When you come here, it’s like I invited you to my house to eat.” Chef Maria Abbenante, owner of Lynora’s Italian Restaurant, said that to me, and I believed her. Her eggplant is fabulous. Her pizzas are delicious, and for those who are vegetarians, she also offers a vegan pizza—the Adamo, which is an Italian name that means “man from the red earth.”

Seating with her in a cozy corner of her restaurant, tasting some of her signature items like Lynora’s homemade meatballs, was like seating next to my Tia Maria, watching her cook and listening to memorable stories about her as a child in Ponza, Italy. Read more>>

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