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There’s a time and place for everything. Time to write, time to read, time to be closely positioned in a place where you can observe, analyze and think. As writers, our time is spent on doing most of that, and then some. But because our profession is done mainly in isolation, we often fail to talk shop—that intimate dialogue between writers.

So, let’s talk.

The purpose of this blog is to inspire you, the writer. One of my favorite writing books is “On Writing,” by Stephen King. You may not be a fan of him or his writing; however, you must admit that he is a prolific writer who has been able to achieve the writer’s dream–to write a story well, and often.

That little book inspired me to write this blog about lessons and truths I’ve learned [and still learning] about the writing craft, as a writer.

From idea to the first page, latest trends, publishing, writing and dialogue techniques that prompt our readers to turn the page, this blog will cover these things, and more. Like King said in his book, “When dialogue is right, we know. When it’s wrong, we also know—it jags on the ear like a badly tuned musical instrument.”

Let’s get started!

Dialogue 1— From Idea to First Page

Dialogue 2—The Outline

Dialogue 3—The First Five Pages

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