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Dolce Vita on a Plate

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Dolce Vita on a Plate

November 3, 2017      In Articles by MC Comments Off on Dolce Vita on a Plate

By Maritza Cosano

[As published in West Palm Beach Magazine’s Fall 2017 Print Edition.] Photos: Addiel Photography

Eating  is  one  of  life’s  greatest   joys. Flavorful, fresh,  and  delightfully  good,  the  sun-kissed Italian  cuisine  is  dolce  vita  on  the  simple  and most  sophisticated  of  palates.

Finding the best Italian food in a town with such fabulous gastronomies, the best advice would be to skip restaurants that serve “creative” renditions of the real thing and stick
to those that offer the time-honored classics without the extra fun fare. For instance, take City Pizza on 632 Hibiscus Street located in the heart of CityPlace. Their dishes are made with fresh, unpretentious ingredients, yet they taste like something you’d get in an upscale restaurant. To try to determine which of City Pizza foods are the “best” is like trying to prove which of the two islands of Sicily and Sardinia, which lie off the Western Coast of the mainland, serve better pizza and pasta—it’s strictly a matter of tastes as everyone has their own opinion. Just before Hurricane Irma hit our Florida shores, I took a walk around CityPlace and found myself on the front steps of City Pizza, a picturesque hot spot that accommodates about 300 people. The staff was friendly and so were some of their frequent locals, who didn’t hold back expressing themselves as it became apparent that I was there to review the restaurant. Read more>>


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