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Muoio in Control

October 8, 2019      In Articles by MC,Interviews By ,,, Comments Off on Muoio in Control
Former West Palm Beach Mayor Jeri Muoio walking along Clematis Street in Downtown West Palm Beach just a few weeks before finishing her second term. Photo by Addiel Perera. As printed in West Palm Beach Magazine, April/June 2019.

Three years ago, I interviewed Mayor Jeri Muoio in her office on 401 Clematis Street. As part of the story I was writing, I accompanied her to an open space in the building where she showed me all the plans she was working on for the city. The oversized map was filled with loose leaf sheets, each designating a different project, at the time, over 280 in all. As I leaned forward and got a closer look, the sheer sense of research, dollars, and man power representing each left me speechless. I looked up at her slim profile and saw a vibrant woman, very comfortable in her shoes.

When I arranged to meet Muoio this time, the main reason I remembered that day was that much of what I saw on that wall has been accomplished and others are in line to be wrapped up. The Walkability project was the catalyst. Seeing people walking about, sharing life with others, enjoying the beauty of West Palm Beach’s downtown and waterfront, bringing more and more businesses and people to our shore is what moved Muoio then, and still does.

Click here to read the rest of this interview, or visit [As published in West Palm Beach Magazine April/June 2019 print edition.]

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