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NEWS | 12 Winners Will Win the 12X12 Business Competition, Is It You?

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NEWS | 12 Winners Will Win the 12X12 Business Competition, Is It You?

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There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life when they turn that long-held dream of owning their own business into reality.

The feeling cannot be matched. And the freedom and flexibility of starting your own business somehow balances the risks, insecurities or challenges down the road, including the “first years’ growing pains,” as you determine to nurture your business as you would a newborn.

The City of West Palm Beach and the West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority [DDA] understand those “growing pains” too well. They’ve created a business competition called 12×12 to  assist small businesses and creative companies, who otherwise would have to operate out of a warehouse or online, to acquire space in the heart of Downtown West Palm Beach. Clematis Street is like no other in the City. It is fueled with a hip energy, vibrancy and historical charm that draws people in, looking to eat, play, and even work here. For an entrepreneur to have a storefront business on this beautiful street, it’s like playing a scratch off number game board and matching all the numbers!

“The winners will be selected by a panel of judges that are looking for innovative and creative business concepts that can complement the existing business ecosystem of Clematis Street,” said Raphael Clemente, Executive Director of the West Palm Beach DDA.

The 12×12 project’s initiative is to bring interesting new commerce to Clematis Street. It is not only packed with incredible benefits, including a reduced rent lease, initial marketing and advertising services professional development training and three grand events to promote each business space, but it will also increase accessibility by lowering the cost to entry into prime commercial space on Clematis Street by providing a smaller square footage.

This innovative project is calling for small businesses that are doing creative work and looking for an engaging storefront experience, to apply.

If you want to work, meet and play in Downtown West Palm Beach, continue reading.

To apply is easy. Simply go to: and submit an application along with a 30-second video about your business and the value it will bring to Clematis Street. If you happen to be one of the 12 semi-finalists, you will be interviewed about your prospective business plan.

And if you happen to be selected as a finalist, you and the other 11 winners will be named in the fall of 2018, and will prepare to open your storefronts at The Thoroughfare—an innovative market that will house you and the rest of the winners of the 12×12 business competition.

Ecosistema Urbano has been contracted by the West Palm Beach Community Redevelopment Authority to create an exciting space that allows people to “Eat, Meet, and Shop” at 314 Clematis Street.

The Thoroughfare will be a place to connect, work, relax and be part of a new experience, where you can listen to music as you dine or shop in your new favorite boutique. Business meetings or a small play can be held in the interior open area that serves multiple purposes depending on the time of day. The flexibility of the open plan allows for multiple interactions and the creation of a new dynamic business hub.

Everyone will benefit from the open shared common areas, such as a flex space for music, theater, pop-up movies or even a runway show and a children’s indoor play park, that can be used for special events that will activate the space and generate a new type of client that is looking for a unique shopping and dining experience.

“By subdividing the space into smaller square footages and providing business and marketing support along with an initial reduction of rent costs, it allows for businesses to establish themselves under The Thoroughfare market-style space, preparing them for long-term success,” added Chris Roog, Director of Economic Development, City of West Palm Beach.

As a winner, the first two months of rent are free and many of the startup costs related to opening a business will be covered by the 12×12 business program. Pods will start at $1250 a month and increase to market rate over time.

All lease agreements will be done directly with the landlord, who is looking to implement a new type of rental system very similar to co-working spaces, such as WeWork, but tailored to retail, office services, culinary and other business concepts.

For more information and to apply visit

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