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Whether you call it self-publishing, indie publishing, print-on-demand or cooperative publishing, there is no disputing the fact that authors now have many more options to see their work in print beyond traditional publishing.

Over the last ten years, self-publishing has been “democratized” and evolved from what was stigmatized as an amateurish endeavor to an increasingly accepted and exciting form of publishing. The industry has enjoyed a revolution of popularity and gained credibility via major print media coverage.

The self-publishing revolution is here, and it is certain to remain a popular and permanent publishing option for authors. Today, self-publishing is all about providing opportunities to authors like never before.

Maritza’s goal is to work with authors and get them published, and help them get the word out to the media and other self-publishing venues. Through her company, Little Red Rocking Chair Publishing, she offers both editorial and self-publishing services.

Editorial & Publishing Services 

  • Ghostwriting
  • Manuscript Mentorship
  • Manuscript Editing
  • Cover Design
  • Interior Pages Design
  • Publicity
  • Writer’s Website Services

To get a quote for any of the above services or to learn more, please visit Little Red Rocking Chair Publishing, or call Maritza at 954.695.2493 or write to her at 

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