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Short Stories:

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THE OTHER SIDE In a trial so real to Cassandra Coan, something happens when she voices her guilt in front of the prosecutor and the jury that’s ready to sentence her for life. If she could only move forward, and see the other side…

Novels, Novellas & Screenplays:


Kaia Cobos is a private detective for the Gables Police Department in Miami, a city were sin is rampant. Kaia knows what evils is, as she has come up close and personal with It. In her quest to kill and destroy a very real and powerful enemy, she’s helping solve mankind’s oldest criminal case: Satan vs. God.


In an effort to get listeners to tune in, Allie Wilde, a radio nighttime host sets out to reveal “the man in the street” (ordinary man), proving that there’s a “he” who’s the perfect match for every woman. Looking to find her “real man,” she places her profile on and begins to date a series of men. Unfortunately for her, they all seem to be a perfect match, until the very last second of the relationship. Resigned to be labeled “matchless,” Allie is ready to call off the hunt for “the man in the street,” until she meets her new boss—Ben Harper. Their uncontrollable attraction leaves Allie breathless, but that could only end in disaster.


Cover Band follows a young college woman who has stumbled into a world of music and big decisions.

>>Novel to be released in Spring 2019

In an ancient world suppressed by darkness, Fallen Angels have mated with human women and bred supernatural children (Nephilims) that have corrupted mankind. A catastrophic flood wiped almost everyone from the face of the Earth, including the Evil. But one Fallen Angel survived. Over 2000 years later, in a race against time, Eric and Cassie Langs, two struggling artists living in South Beach, Miami, become easy prey to one Fallen Angel, with a death wish: kill all mankind. To rise against a war between ancient forces and the modern world, and rescue both each other and the rest of the world, Eric and Cassie will need the backing of an equally supernatural army. Unfortunately, time is running out.

TV Scripts

TV Script

Cuban-American journalist Marisol Carvales, a drop-dead gorgeous woman in her early 40s, finally has attained her American dream: a new house in Coral Gables, a successful architect for a husband, three wonderful kids, and a big writing career in the heart of South Beach! But Marisol has nearly forgotten her Cuban roots, until she gets a big surprise knocking on her front door: a new arrival fresh from Havana, Cuba—her fiery cousin Yessica, a Cuban Lolita who takes to heart the sign by the door that says: “Tu casa es mi casa. Come right in!” Jessica is nothing like Marisol, who will stop at nothing to get rid of her fiery cousin from disturbing her perfect American life…and her monthly column, “The Cuban Diaries,” [which provides storylines and narration for each episode.]

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